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Owner & Instructor

Laurie Denbrock


My love for art started when I was very young, coloring whenever I could. Creating has always been my passion. Attending art school at Indiana University I was exposed to many different art mediums, pottery being
one. My creative passion grew when working with clay. Graduating with a BA and a K-12 teaching certification in Art I began to pursue my passion. I found that the creative experience was more enjoyable when I could share my talents with my students. Weather throwing a pot on the wheel, painting or coloring, with students it is always a joy to see the surprise in one’s eye when they are creating. Whenever I have the opportunity to share my

love of Art with others it is truly a blessing. I still find myself coloring with students whenever I can!

Over 30 years of experience teaching Art
Co- founder; Art in the Village Gallery Jackson Tn. 2009-Present:

The Little Artist’s Studio -teaching private art lessons. 2000-2014

Elementary Art Teacher, Carmel In 1990-1995
Elementary Art Teacher, Indianapolis Public Schools 1983-1989
State of Indian teaching license
Bachelor of Arts K-12 education; Indiana University

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CDA Ceramics

Carolyn Adams

I have been practicing the art of ceramics for over 10 years.  For me, working with clay is about form and surface.  The form can take many shapes – functional or sculptural, figurative or abstract.  The opportunities for surface decoration are endless – traditional glazing, mixed media, paints, powders, epoxies, or bare textured clay with clear wax.

Figurative work is especially meaningful to me. Creating a human or animal face allows me to discover emotional themes in my personal history: fear, anger, sadness, defiance, joy, doubt. The furrow of a brow, the arc of a smile, the tip of a tongue – a slight change in any of these features can tell dramatically different stories.


As I bring my sculptures to life, I am revealing my stories for all to experience. I hope that my practice in the art of ceramics inspires others to explore, understand, and share their stories as well.